From small to large scale, ongoing and consistent maintenance is a surefire way to extend the life of any conveyor and its components. Neglecting general maintenance will undoubtedly lead to preventable costs for replacements of worn and failing equipment.

Regular maintenance ensures your entire conveyor system, and its components, remain in good order and condition. At Southeastern Conveyor Services Inc., we offer a variety of maintenance options to ensure a long reliable, conveyor life span. We also offer repairs in all aspects of the conveyor system to keep your facility running in tip-top shape.  

Conveyor Preventative Maintenance

Unplanned downtime can result in a halt in production, missed deadlines, and revenue loss. A preventive maintenance program is designed to avoid these problems through regularly scheduled maintenance.

A preventive maintenance plan is structured around the life expectancy of the equipment’s essential components. It’s focused on preventing equipment failure rather than responding to emergencies. A regularly planned maintenance program can ensure peak performance while reducing downtime as much as possible.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Through our preventative maintenance program, the entire system including the belt, idlers, pulleys, bearings, gearboxes, motors, and other components are thoroughly assessed. Our trained technicians check each part for wear, tension, and alignment issues. They will accurately audit the condition of each component and report as appropriate.

Our preventative maintenance program includes:

  • Inspect overall condition of conveyor system
  • Check tensions and alignment
  • Make appropriate recommendations for repairs and needed replacements
  • Properly lubricate bearings and drive chains
  • Check belt for proper tracking
  • Change out defective idlers
  • Change gear box oils
  • Adjust belt cleaners
  • Adjust skirting
  • Train belts
  • Light housekeeping in the impact zone
  • Thorough documentation of all work completed and inspection

Conveyor Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance consists of planned inspections to determine the overall health of individual system components. Using infrared thermography, our technicians can accurately predict the life cycle of each component and catch warning signs before they occur. This thermal imaging is performed while the equipment is running to determine if the equipment is operating at an abnormal temperature. It’s able to detect potential deficiencies that can be missed by other preventative maintenance inspections.  Predictive maintenance should be scheduled to coincide with a preventative maintenance plan for optimal efficiency.

Predictive Maintenance can identify potential problems with equipment parts such as:

  • Any electrical deficiencies
  • Loose or worn connections
  • Overloaded equipment
  • Inadequate cooling
  • System leaks
  • Potential problems with bearings, gearboxes, motors, or other parts

The Benefits of Using Southeastern Conveyor Services Inc. for Your Conveyor Maintenance

Given the importance of the efficiency of conveyors, the implementation of a maintenance plan is essential to preserve their productivity. The maintenance task of a conveyor requires specific technical knowledge and must always be carried out by experienced personnel. Southeastern Conveyor Services, Inc. provides highly trained maintenance technicians to treat and properly maintain all aspects of a conveyor system for optimal efficiency.