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Integrity, quality, efficiency, and consistency. These are the foundation of our belt service crews.

At Southeastern Conveyor Services Inc., we offer a full range of conveyor belt services that include belt vulcanizing, installation, change-outs, mechanical splicing, repairs, inspections, belt tracking and troubleshooting, consulting, belt surveys, asset management, and pulley lagging services. We are pleased to offer a turn-key experience for our customers.



From small to large scale, ongoing and consistent maintenance is a surefire way to extend the life of any conveyor and its components. Neglecting general maintenance will undoubtedly lead to preventable costs for replacements of worn and failing equipment. Regular maintenance ensures your entire conveyor system and its components remain in good order and condition.

We offer a variety of maintenance options to ensure a long reliable conveyor life span. We also offer repairs in all aspects of the conveyor system to keep your facility running in tip-top shape.

Southeastern Conveyor Services


We use the latest technologies, tools, and skills to take care of all your conveyor needs. With our team of highly experienced Industrial millwrights, we can provide material handling belt installation, inspection, and repairs for a wide array of industrial conveyor systems.

At Southeastern Conveyor Services, we want to help your maintenance department keep your facility running in tip-top shape. We offer services to repair or assist in the repair of all aspects of conveyor systems.

Power Transmisssion

Power Transmission

We offer the highest quality products and comprehensive tailor-made solutions to meet our customers’ needs. All our power transmission services are designed to achieve optimal efficiency and increased productivity.

Our power transmission capabilities also include making needed improvements to outdated equipment. This leads to reduced waste and downtime in your production.


Material Containment

Material Containment

The operations of bulk handling facilities can be complex and varied. With so many moving parts, finding efficient improvements can be difficult to determine. An improperly designed load zone can be the source of lost product, damaged parts, safety hazards, and a labor nightmare.

At Southeastern Conveyor Services, we offer material containment solutions to fix any of these persistent problems. Each option is designed specifically to your needs and to give you worry-free protection and improved efficiency.

Southeastern Conveyor Services


We are proud to provide an extensive line of products built to fit your manufacturing needs. We strive to work with the top suppliers to offer our customers the best quality products to meet their specific applications.

Conveyor belts and their accessories have become extremely specialized over the years. For that reason, it’s essential to partner with a company that can provide the highest quality products and services to meet their industry demands.

Providing Comprehensive Conveyor Solutions

Southeastern Conveyor Services

About Southeastern Conveyor Services, Inc.

Southeastern Conveyor Services, Inc. strives to provide the best conveyor services and components in the industry. By providing exceptional services to our customers, we also are able to play a part in strengthening our local economy and providing a safe and positive work environment for our team members. Our company operates under our four core values: Integrity, Quality, Efficiency, and Consistency. These are seen in everything we do and ultimately led to our ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.

Our staff are some of the most knowledgeable and proficient in the industry. We are MSHA 46 and 48 trained for safety and Fenner Dunlop Certified Vulcanizers. Our staff also receive extensive hands-on training provided by our manufacturers, in-house trainers, and affiliates to ensure the proper recommendation, installation, and maintenance of the products and services we offer. In addition, we are pleased to offer our NCCER Accredited Millwright and Welding Apprenticeship Program to our service technicians.

Through strategic partnerships with our manufacturers, we offer the highest quality and most prestigious conveyor components on the market. These components are as critical as the skill required to install and maintain them. We are grateful to all of our vendors and staff who continue to work hard to keep our customers operating at peak performance. If we can assist you in any way, please give us a call. If we already serve you, Thank You for your business!

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